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Here is what we’re working on

Stop the Bleed – the fastest growing national public health campaign

Partnering with the US Department of Defense, the US Department of Homeland Security, the American College of Surgeons, the American Red Cross and many others, Amp is responsible for planning and executing National Stop the Bleed Day, which includes the Stop the Bleed Scholarship Program, the Stop the Bleed Hackathon,...


Amp’s #GiveHealthy platform enables people to donate fresh fruits and vegetables to food drives instead of canned goods. From large food banks to local food pantries, hunger relief organizations around the country are encouraging their supporters to sponsor #GiveHealthy food drives so they get the kind of food they really...

Crowdbuilding – Unique donation platform to support building homes

Amp’s platform enables Habitat for Humanity chapters to run Crowdbuilding drives as a new way to engage their community and to raise the building materials they need for their projects. People are able to easily donate specific buildings materials that are used in identified Habitat projects.

Some of the terrific partners we get to work with

Stop the Bleed Partners


Crowdbuilding Partners

About Amp Your Good


Make it easier for people and organizations to achieve more impact in helping others.


We all want to do good, to help others – it’s what makes us human.

We live in a time when we are all flooded with information – some helpful, some entertaining, some useless. We are also living in a time of great need – so many need help in so many ways. And we are living in a time of great change – technology has been disrupting lots of things – lots of new ways to do old things.

Amp Your Good was founded based upon the idea of using technology to make helping out easier to do, more social, more efficient and more impactful. We want to amplify the good in everyone by enabling their good intentions to have the greatest impact.


Steeped in development, technology, and marketing, we bring it together for best impact.

Development, technology, and marketing expertise, coupled with deep leadership experience in developing cross-sector collaboration, has led to novel solutions that address large challenges at scale. From community building, creating custom supply chain, and e-commerce systems to applying the latest marketing methods for connected generations, our team’s focus is to devise solutions that enable people and organizations to maximize their impact.

We’re privileged to work with a fantastic group of like-minded partners and associates spanning across the non-profit, business and government sectors.


We’re here to help you make a bigger impact!

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